How did we end up with a cabana

cabana old a

1-P1070842Two summers ago I received an email with the flyer for a cabana for sale. I called RenĂ©e told her about the flyer and asked her if she had time let’s go look at it this afternoon she said sure. We had no intention of moving until the following year. W looked at the cabana – it was really cute. We went home and looked at each other and she said “No time like the present” so we made an offer and closed in 10 days. Just before we closed I received a call from our realtor Phil Barr. Phil said he had received a text from another agent asking if anyone had a pocket listing for a home in the Skylands area of Lake Oswego that was on one level with the swimming pool and a view of Mount Hood. He called because he knew there was only one house that fit that description – our home. The following Saturday a couple flew out from Connecticut to the tour our home. Before they arrived our neighbor called to ask if we were intending to sell our home and if so could she look at it. Renee said sure they could see it right after the couple from Connecticut. The net result was she and her mother purchased the home three weeks later.cabana old a

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