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Simple, small, lots of windows – sounds easy doesn’t it!  Well it is harder to go small than to go big.  Thankfully we have had great guidance from our architect and are happy with our design

we want an open “great room” feel for the first floor.  The only extravagant item will be Renee’s Wolf range.  This is our first floor plan.



The he second floor was pretty simple.  We did go back and forth about whether to have a seep rate room for Eli.  Initially, because of Eli’s love of the trains, we had a separate small bedroom for Eli with a large window facing the tracks.  After discussing with friends and family over the summer we decided to just combine  two of the three upstairs bedrooms thinking Eli could share his large room with Turner when Turner came home.  All that changed over Labor Day when Mr. territorial, Eli, refused to share his bed with his big brother.  Renee and Turner let their creative juices flow in designing a very unique space for Eli.  His bed will be elevated  on the wall facing the railroad tracks and centered on the large window overlooking the tracks.  It will have drawers and a hanging closet underneath with tub storage between the drawers and the wall.

The other bedroom will be built to sleep a gang.  The master a simple box with a wall of glass looking out on the lake with a deck on the lakeside.  The deck will be dual purpose.  Provide a separate space for early morning and evening time away from the crowd and a covered roof over part of the deck below.


The entry will be simple with no windows on the North (walkway) side



The he house from the water will be all glass



My dream has always been to be able to combine the indoor and outdoor spaces  on our wonderful summer days.  This last year has taught us that the deck area is where we all want to be.  The answer to this seems to be an openable wall of glass.  We had two walls of glass in the Crestline house.  One wall had glass French doors that opens onto the pool deck.  The other wall was a 16′ slider that when opened provided an 8′ opening to the front deck with the Mt Hood view.  The last 15 days in the cabana caused us pause because of the midge infestation.  I still want a wall of glass that all slide to one side allowing us to combine our indoor a d outdoor living space into one large area.

You might be asking what does all of this rest upon?


This is is the piling plan

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