Steve Hicks School of Social Work – consistently ranked in the top 10 nationally – The mission is to provide national leadership to promote social and economic justice, alleviate critical social problems, and enhance human well-being. As we look to the future, the vision of the school is clear: To preserve its high ranking among the top programs in the nation, and to define social work practice and research.

When Nellie Kay decided to attend The University of Texas she chose Social Work as her major.  Nellie took a different path from many of her peers combining her life long interest in business with her caring nature.  Rather than focus directly on business management or marketing she followed the advise of her father and other business leaders choosing to focus first on the prime element of business success – relationships. Starting her Sophomore year Nellie interned at Lionstreet a successful Austin Financial Services start up.  Her internship combined with the leadership skills learned as president of her sorority lead to a fast track career in Financial Services.

To help others find the same success in 2017 we established an endowment with the Steve Hicks school at the University of Texas in Austin.  If you are so inclined we encourage you to support our endowment efforts.  Simply select Kerr Family Scholarship –