Well  we have spent the last 13 months in our little cabana trying to figure out our next move.  We love village living.  It is great to be two blocks from restaurants and the Saturday market.  Zeppos must think we eat all our meals there.   Auggie is the most loved dog in town – he gets so much attention when we eat at Zeppos and leave him tied up on the sidewalk.

We selected Jo Landefeld again as our architect.  Jo designed the wonderful remodel of our Skylands home.  We do miss our Skylands neighbors but It was time.  My friend Pete Marsh asked me if we missed it saying it is one of the best homes he has ever seen..  Powerful words from a man who has built 300-400 homes a year for 25 years.  The bottom line is everything has it’s day and our exit from Skylands was the perfect time.



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